There’s a lot more to this Maybury mob than mere genius. Jack’s genes were generously handed down the line to his son John and then John Jnr so they all got a flying start in the game of gabbing.  Old Jack, the pioneer in the party, enjoyed amazing success in radio from 1937 to 1960.  His story’s a ripper - full of positive things as he capitalised on his natural talent and his rapport with people.

He’d worked through the depression years never depressed personally, the irrepressible Jack, but he had to face that pressure like everyone else. He married a dance soubrette Nelle Doull, fathered two kids Shirley and John, worked as an electrician, then as a car radio salesman for Todd Motors in Wellington when the doors of destiny swung open and he made his charge for stardom.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! Though he had a few flaws if you like to count infidelity.  Jack had a roving eye and his marriage was over by the time the two offspring were out of primary school. Their loss and Nelle’s too. Look Mum – no Dad!   The diminutive Nelle never lived in a house of her own, never drove a motor car or enjoyed a holiday out of New Zealand all her life. But that’s another story and who wants to read about sadness.  The Maybury guys – Jack first, then John and finally John Jnr have always focused on fun whatever solemn circumstances lurked nearby.  Grab a mike – get on air – take over a stage – and let the good times roll. A role for life!

If Jack’s career was all glitter and won national acclaim, son John trod for a long time in his shadow.  To be the son of such a star was certainly a lead in but a minor drawback as well.  Jack was on his Australian stint and only 46 years of age when John got his start on 3ZB Christchurch in 1951 (he was 22)    With the flying-saucer fiasco terminating his time there and then a lucky hook-up to 2ZB ten months later he was well installed in the capital by the time Jack returned from Sydney to set up his new series for Colgate Palmolive. Another switch for young John to Palmerston North and 2ZA meant their time in the capital together was sadly terminated.   A short sojourn in the Manawatu was followed by a freelance contract in the Waikato via 1XH Hamilton where John ran quizzes and a Talent Quest that had been offered to Jack but declined by him because of his pending launch of the new Colgate Shows. After that it was time for his own Australian adventure to 2SM Sydney and 3KZ Melbourne which would offer wonderful experience over seven exciting years. With Jack’s death in 1960 John got the chance to offer ideas for replacement quizzes for Colgate Palmolive and “It’s on the Cards” and “Take the Stake” won the sponsors approval.   This was a marvellous break in John’s career but a whopping challenge to follow a king-pin like Jack.  The original contract was for two years but despite the inroads of Television it stretched to three and a half years which gave him time to establish his own identity and create nation-wide demand as a quick-quipping compere who’d handle any promotion anywhere. So he created a network of venues that included The Easter Show in Auckland, the Industries Fair in Christchurch, the Wellington Trade Fair, Waikato Winter Show, Wine Festivals in Hawkes Bay and A&P Shows everywhere.  There were store promotions for Foodstuffs and Woolworths and Shopping Malls in all the major cities. Do one Shopping Centre you’ve dome ‘em all. Special commitments were Xmas Carnivals at Tauranga and Rotorua extending over 25 years. His longevity at the Royal Easter Show at the ASB Showground’s in Auckland as man-on-the-mike is amazing - 45 years in a row. And he’s already been booked again for the 2007 Show. “My dear Dad did three Easter Shows” says John with a smile. “I can crack 46, that’s one area I’m ahead!”

In fact no Maybury is trying to out do the other.  We’re just thrilled to have been in the same business – putting entertainment packages together – working a mike with care and consideration – and pleasing an audience so they can come back for more.  John Jnr has been down this road for 20 years or more and is making every post a winner.  Australian’s everywhere get the benefit of his acting skills, athleticism and a great radio voice we’d have all been proud of.  Go Johnnie Go.

We’ve tossed around a few titbits far as the Maybury guys go but there’s gotta be a whole lot more detail you might just enjoy.  So check out the section that suits you best on this site for sore eyes.  In fact there’s enough crap to fill a book which is in fact waiting in the wings. When the demand gets to gigantic proportions we’ll release it. Even got the title: ‘For the Love of a Mike: The Maybury Story’.

Flick on further – we’re getting to enjoy your company.


John Maybury 2006
Sue Maybury