As a Real Estate Agent who is very keen to present really professional videos for the properties we are marketing I was, for a long time, running by the seat of my pants. I found it very difficult to find someone who had the knowledge and experience to help me up-skill and feel confident in front of a camera. So thank heavens for John Maybury!

John is an unheralded super star in the business of video presentation. With a long established background in broadcasting as well as spectacular career as a presenter, promoter, MC and vocal coach, there is almost nothing he doesn't know about making the best of yourself on television.

Where John has helped me most is to feel more relaxed and natural in front of the camera, to be myself and to have the courage to talk without the aid of a script and even to be able to laugh!

My wish is to create attractive, entertaining, memorable videos that make people pick up the phone and call for an appointment or come to an Open Home. It seems to be working as our Open Home numbers are always significantly higher than our colleagues. Only recently, one prospective buyer told us she wasn't particularly interested in the home we were marketing but when she saw the video she had to look. She was a bidder at the auction.

If you want to make videos you can be proud of and to increase your success and standing as a Real Estate Agent, John Maybury is the man to show you how to do it!

Ken Pianta

Harcourts Cooper & Co

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