You're driving to networking and in your mind you're frantically thinking about what to say when you stand up. The pitching starts and you can feel your heart pounding in your chest and you think, I'll just say the same as last week. 


It doesn't need to be that way.


We want to show you these two key steps to being memorable and confident.


That will help your presentations outside of networking too. 



There's always one or two members in your chapter that bring props or imagination to their pitch but everyone can access this bottomless pit of ideas and interesting ways to capture your audience's heart. 

  • Understand Your Audience

    Accessing how your audience receives and processes information so you connect with them on a deeper level.

  • How To Deliver with Clarity

    Do you try and pack as many words into your 60 seconds or run over time? You never will again. 

  • Your Speaking Strengths

    We'll show you how to be authentic when you present your 60 second pitch so you're not trying hard to impress.

  • How To Stand Out 

    What if you could pick and choose that magic moment that would win you the best pitch every week? You'll access this. 

  • Uncover New Ideas

    In the session we'll brainstorm new ideas and angles so your pitch is fresh each week.  

  • How to Tell Stories

    It doesn't matter whether you're on stage, in a video or a 60 sec pitch, we call all tell stories that deliver impactfully. 

Be inspired to create a memorable pitch each week as these chapter members have found out. 

"It was fabulous! Feeling inspired with so many creative ideas to use in the future".

Helen Northey

BNI City Business, Newmarket
Prestige Products

"Really enjoyed it. I’ll be trying to implement some of it. It was excellent"

"I planned my BNI pitch on the fly when the president says, it's time for our pitch. No preparation, just whatever was in my head in the morning. I've now learned that I can structure my pitch using a formula in 15 minutes and its easy. I'm way less stressed".

Kevin Adams

BNI City Business, Newmarket

This Is Electric

"I found the workshop very beneficial, I’ve always had good structure with my presentations but struggled with creativity. Now that I have a clear framework my creativity issues have been solved."

Jeremy Caird
BNI City Business, Newmarket


"As a business adviser I want to provide insights when I deliver my pitch but as a logical accountant I provide too much context and run out of time. Now I learned that magical phrase LESS IS MORE"

"John Maybury consistently delivers memorable pitches at BNI each week so I just had to be part his pitch workshop and now my chapter members see a creative and more effective Samit Desai" .

Samit Desai
BNI City Business, Newmarket

Altatech IT

Hamish Draper

BNI Epsom, Newmarket

Stewart & Lord, Mortgage Adviser

Bruce Jeffrey

BNI City Business, Newmarket


"Thank you very much Mr Maybury! A very useful and informative session."

Daryl Webb
BNI City Business, Newmarket

ABC Business Sales

"Stop thinking about it and just do it. You won't be disappointed"


Mary Rupapera
BNI City Business, Newmarket

SW Morris Insurance Adviser

  • Pitch Structure

    Learn the mandatory elements that make up your pitch so you're effective.

  • Five Prepared Pitches

  • Creativity Unleashed

    Unlock the creative toolbox of ideas you can use every week.

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