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Keeping on top of your social media can be difficult at times. 

You know that you social media coupled with video can deliver results - building awareness and educating your online tribe but your time is a precious commodity. 

You scroll through your social media channels and there's large gaps in posting schedule because you were out delivering the work - you were busy. You just didn't have the time to consistently post content.  

Our PRO PLAN helps time-poor SME business owners consistently post organic video content that bridges three core pillars - you and your team, your business and how it helps and the community you serve.

We understand the business of story, sharing your personal journey, strong engaging copy and video content that your target market actually wants to see. 

Why? Because people buy people. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We work primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn with a content calendar that talks directly to your online audience.

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​​​​​​​Social Media Management &

Video Strategy

Small business owners tell me that video is just all too hard. "I just don't have the time",

"I don't have the equipment", "I don't know what to say"...

Well my EASY START video pack is perfect for you.

I interview you with all the gear (tripod, camera, mic & lighting) and all you do is answer the questions. I'll shoot and edit a five minute video, then package 2-3 social media edits from that hero video just for social media or for your website. You can pre-plan the questions and you get to post it to your social media account(s).

Ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram (feed).  Starting video just got easier! Your story, your video. How easy is that?​​​​​​​ Find out how you can stand out on social media along with everything that's included and register your place by clicking below.

Video Interview

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