​​​​​​​Solutions for social media help;​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​Getting started with creating content needn't be difficult. 

I have two workshops designed to bring you insane value. 

1. Content

How to create a content for your business that resonates with your

online audiences. This can be written, podcast or video.

The outcome is a content calendar. 

2. Presentation (video or podcast)

In the workshop we'll cover the equipment basics and operation,

planning your content, recording, � editing and distribution

on your chosen social media channels.


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The Social Coach​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​My pillar program designed to take you from novice to professional in 6-8 weeks.

Covering every step of the social media content journey - mindset and positioning, storytelling, content ideation and selection, delivery (imagery, video, podcast or blog content), equipment and social media sharing and distribution.

This program is supported by a private Facebook group with real-time actions designed to have you create content ongoingly. Speech, voice, scripting, lighting and interviews are some of the most desired learning outcomes.

What's yours?  ⏩

Delivered either at your office or my work studio around your specific business goals.

Be content-ready this year with 1:1 with me. Schedule a call directly to my calendar. 

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Content Creators/Enterprise/SME's​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Register and join the Captcha Club which is a monthly

event for kiwi business content creators. 

Whether you're thinking of using any form of content,

have some content or are seasoned pro, this meet up is for you.

​​​​​​​We're all about learning and sharing.

The Captcha Club because we're human.


Your EASY START Video Solution​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Small business owners tell me that video is just all too hard. "I just don't have the time",

"I don't have the equipment", "I don't know what to say"...

Well my EASY START video pack is perfect for you.

I interview you with all the gear (tripod, camera, mic & lighting) and all you do is answer the questions. I'll shoot and edit a five minute video, then package 2-3 social media edits from that hero video just for social media or for your website. You can pre-plan the questions and you get to post it to your social media account(s).

Ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram (feed).  Starting video just got easier! Your story, your video. How easy is that?​​​​​​​ Find out how you can stand out on social media along with everything that's included and register your place by following this link; 


14-Day Video Challenge​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​If you are a New Zealand business owner who wants to grow using digital channels, then I have a tailored solution to achieve video success.

A 14-DAY VIDEO CHALLENGE that covers ⏩ content planning, scripting & 

production and post distribution.

The outcome is a "smartphone" content calendar that you can use

organically to grow your business.  This challenge is centred around

supporting you with face-to-face expertise and twice-weekly actions

to get started or grow your social presence with smartphone video.

This 14 day challenge costs less than a videographer to shoot one video.

Available for Auckland buisnesses only. 

Delivered in-person at your office.

Schedule a call directly to my calendar. 

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If you'd like an expert video marketing person to talk at your event, conference or workplace.  then say hi. 

I can deliver a tailored presentation or workshop based on your objectives.

Simply email me for more information.


Social Media Health Check

​​​​​​​How effective are your social media channels? Your Facebook fan page, you personal page? LinkedIn? Insta?

Are you working smart and delivering value for your online audience? Are you getting engagement from your posts and generating offline conversations or leads or are your channels languishing with irregular content posts without a targeted objective?

The social media health check is a free service designed to give you some feedback on how effective your social media channels are performing, what you can do to fix these and a short list of content ideas that you could implement for your online audiences.

Just click the form in the top right of this page, complete the survey and we'll be back in touch with your free health check. 

Social Media Strategy Plan

Having a plan works for business right and we know it works. The vision, mission, values, the target market and the strategy to deliver on it's financial and customer objectives.

But when it comes to your social media communication plan it goes off road. People seems to post on an adhoc basis and without any structure or consistency. With many, there's no thought given to what content is best for you to produce with the skills that you have or what your audience actually wants to see from you and your business.  

Therefore this planning session is a great solution to work out what works best. What your audience values, what medium works for you, what will have you stand out - blogs, photography, podcast or video. A plan that works with your skills, time/resources and what you need to deliver it effectively.

The outcome is a content calendar.

Get the access to effective social media content with a strategy that gets eyeballs, engagement and offline conversations.