What If You Were



Does This Sound Like You? 

"I know that I need to do videos in my marketing but am clueless about where to start".



"I’ve got a phone and a social media account but I keep making up excuses why I am not ready to do video".


"I’m gonna be honest - being on video scares me shitless".

​You are not alone, my friend. 


Every single person that I’ve worked with in my career in radio, advertising and now as a video presentation coach, has said similar things.  


The good news, is that there is a way past this.

Why Do Video In Business?  

“As the Head of Instagram, we're focussed on four key areas: creators, video, shopping and messaging" 

Adam Mosseri

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story"

Gary Vee

The beauty is [that] as companies get better and better with video, they’re also making sales in the process. This is what smart business and marketing is all about.”

Marcus Sheridan

  • Your Brand Colours

    We'll use your fonts and brand guidelines to ensure the CMO signs it off. 

  • Stock Footage 

    Stock video footage that plays behind you to communicate the emotion in your script along with places and things. 

  • Your Call to Action

    Graphics that tell the viewer where to get more information, like your website. 

  • Graphics & Captions

    Selection of text that highlights key points and subtitles for your video, as 70% of people watch with the sound off. 

Yes, Mr / Ms small business super star, we are giving you a full end-to-end production cycle

and training you to be the film crew and the talent.


Does this sound easy?

GM at Geneva Capital

Sarah Lochead-MacMillan

“John makes the process fun. Yes, I was scared shitless, but his script process made me feel so comfortable. He's the guy to have in your corner"

Director at 2E Electrical

Damian May

“He interviewed our team and he got more than I thought we were going to get. John really understands people and extracting the best from them" 

Director at KWE

Keith Ward

“I had a very small budget and... astonishingly, I've had  about 10, 12, or 15 leads per day since 2nd January and here we are just barely a month later.”

Owner at Nikki Hart Nutrition

Nikki Hart

“He knows how to make me look good”

Director at C W Chartered Accountants

Sharon Crocombe-Woodward

“John was so patient with me and I learned that, less is more"

Owner at Agent of Change

Tim Webb

"I never thought making videos could be so much fun until I met John Maybury. Work with him" 

Asset Finance at Crediflex

JP Hechter

“I got 2-3 leads after the first couple of videos. Isn't that what it's about?"

Broker at Kakipo Business Sales

Raj Brij

"John really understands LinkedIn and how to get high views of your video" 

Director at Fresh Eyre

Maggie Eyre

“As a presentation coach, I'm a big believer in getting other presentation coaches to direct you and John knows how to get the best from you"

Owner at JACAL

Logan Granger

“I like that video is another medium, and video is far more accessible now. It's got reach, so it's worth the effort. Plus, John knows what my audience needs”

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